HIEMT/HIFEM Body Sculpting

HIEMT stands for High-Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy, while HIFEM stands for High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic. These terms are often used interchangeably to describe the same technology.

2 Handles is $250
6 sessions – one payment $1499

HIEMT/HIFEM technology is the underlying principle behind treatments like EMsculpt. It involves the use of electromagnetic energy to induce muscle contractions. The technology delivers focused electromagnetic pulses to the targeted muscles, causing them to contract rapidly and intensely.

The electromagnetic energy generated by HIEMT/HIFEM devices penetrates through the skin and fat layers, reaching the muscle tissue directly. These powerful muscle contractions go beyond what can typically be achieved through voluntary muscle actions or regular exercise. As a result, the muscles are stimulated, strengthened, and toned.

The primary purpose of HIEMT/HIFEM treatments, such as EMsculpt, is to improve muscle definition and enhance body contouring. These treatments are often used to target specific areas like the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs, where individuals desire more toned and sculpted muscles.

Again, it’s important to consult with medical professionals or trusted sources for specific and up-to-date information regarding these treatments as technology and terminology may evolve over time.